Prices range from £0 to £5,000,000
Prices range from £0 to £5,000,000 - slider

Инвестиционная компания Эмирал (Легко на Кипр)

Мы рядом с вами, чтобы помочь вам осуществить свою мечту на Кипре, используя новейшие методы предоставления иммиграционных консультаций с помощью наших опытных коллег с помощью таких методов, как (покупка дома на Северном Кипре, покупка виллы на Кипре), Северный Кипр, учиться на Северном Кипре, работать на Северном Кипре, инвестировать на Кипре, зарегистрировать компанию на Кипре)

Специализированные и профессиональные консультации

Оценка, основанная на реальности

Предложение лучших методов иммиграции

Поддержка и консультации 7 дней в неделю

Планирование и сроки миграции

Предоставление лучших решений

sale VIP

sale VIP
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Покупка дома, квартиры, виллы

Покупка дома, квартиры, виллы

Инвестиционный дом, квартира, вилла

Инвестиционный дом, квартира, вилла
1 (8)
Квартира с двумя спальнями (اجاره)
Код: 3263
1 (7)
Квартира с одной спальней (اجاره)
Код: 3256
1 (6)
Двухкомнатная квартира (اجاره)
Код: 3250
1 (5)
Код: 3244

Зачем инвестировать в Северный Кипр?

  • За последние 3 года на Северном Кипре цены на недвижимость выросли на 79%.
    Северный Кипр, названный журналом Forbes в 2021 году «Инвестицией в прибрежную недвижимость № 1 в мире», является одной из самых важных точек для инвестиций в недвижимость в Средиземноморье.
  • Покупка недвижимости вне плана позволяет покупателю заплатить примерно на 20% ниже рыночной стоимости и платить в рассрочку на срок от 12 до 120 месяцев.
  • Покупка и аренда – также очень привлекательный вариант, приносящий не менее 8% доходности (ежегодно).
  • Еще одним преимуществом покупки недвижимости является возможность использования льгот по гражданству.
Часто задаваемые вопросы

Часто задаваемые вопросы

– What does the free visit tour include?

including 3 nights and 4 days of accommodation, airport transfer, city tour, visiting projects, getting to know North Cyprus and consulting in the field of property purchase and work during the stay

– What happens if the property is not purchased after the free visit and stay?

The tour is completely free and you will not be charged anything.

– How many people can we travel to use the free stay and visit?

There is no limit on the number of people to use the Northern Cyprus tour.

For more information, you can contact our colleagues in the easy to cyprus collection and get more information.

Why buy property in North Cyprus?

Flexible and extraordinary payment conditions – easy residence conditions – investment based on reliable and stable currency pounds or dollars and euros – 4 days of free stay to visit and review the significant annual growth of the property, diversity in construction companies and projects – prices Very low compared to Iran, generating income and guaranteeing rent with reasonable profitability – no limit on the amount of the property to obtain residence – low tax compared to European countries

What are the procedures for buying property in North Cyprus?

Property reservation with at least 1000 pounds (this amount is for a one-month reservation and is deducted from the total amount) and then advance payment or the entire purchase amount is paid in cash or in installments without a one-month reservation.

7- Is it possible to buy property in North Cyprus in installments?

Yes, in North Cyprus it is possible to buy installments in general as follows.

Continuation …

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of immigrating to North Cyprus? Low crime rates. Possibility of living at a low cost. Flexibility in the current currency. Slow and peaceful rhythm of life. High quality of healthcare. Low taxes and remote work. Super internet speed. Very low pollution. One step to the Schengen visa. Permanent residence by investing and buying property. Cheap education in good universities… Disadvantages: Taxes for real persons. You may get bored. Limitation of travel to and from the island. .
    What methods can be used to obtain residence in North Cyprus? Investing through the purchase of property. Company registration. Student admission.
    In the following ….
  • The economy of Northern Cyprus is dominated by the service sector (69% of GDP in 2007), which includes the public sector, trade, tourism and education. The unemployment rate in Northern Cyprus is about 5% based on 2018 data. This low unemployment rate has made many Iranians decide to immigrate and work in Northern Cyprus.

In North Cyprus, it is currently available in about 7 prestigious universities. International students from 135 different countries are present in these universities. The number of international students has increased significantly in these years.

– What are the best universities in Cyprus? Near East and Eastern Mediterranean universities are among the top universities in this country and also in the QS list.

What fields are suitable for continuing education in Cyprus? Pharmacy and dentistry fields

Is it possible to study in Cyprus from a bachelor’s degree? Yes, what about master’s and doctorate? Yes

In the following …

Наши консультанты

Наши консультанты
Dr. Maral Masoumi


Senem İsim

Immigration and property sales expert


Immigration and property sales expert


Immigration and property sales expert


Immigration and property sales expert

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